Before you Buy a House

Before you buy a house, you should check with the homeowner’s association for its rules. These rules are developed the groups of people living together in the particular community. If you are staying in the particular community, you are expected to follow these rules. Sometimes these rules can be confusing. You should have an experienced real estate attorney review the homeowner’s association rules before you purchase a property in communities that have homeowner’s associations. Before you buy a house it is important that you understand the homeowner’s association rules. Some of the rules may be unfavorable to you but you must follow these rules even if you do not agree with them. There can be no exceptions.

An experienced real estate attorney can review the homeowner’s association rules and explain your rights and obligations under these rules. It is important that you understand your rights and obligations before you buy the house. Once you buy the house, you will be bound by these rules. If you do not comply with your obligations under the homeowner’s association rules, your homeowner’s association will issue a citation to you. You will have to pay a fine. If you fail to pay the fine the homeowner’s association can take steps to collect it from you. A homeowner’s associations can even foreclosure on a home.

If you believe your homeowner’s association rules discriminate against you or have been passed to specifically target you, you can approach the courts. You will need the services of an experienced real estate attorney. The real estate attorney can help you challenge your homeowner’s association rules in a court of law.

Each homeowner must make regular payment of the homeowner’s association dues. If you fail to pay your dues on time, the homeowner’s association can charge an interest. If your unpaid dues add up to a significant amount, the homeowner’s association can foreclose on your home. If you are facing foreclosure by your homeowner’s association, consult with an experienced real estate attorney. The attorney will review your case and challenge the foreclosure action taken by your homeowner’s association.

If you believe that the homeowner’s associations dues are not being used for the purposes it is being collected or the dues are being misappropriated by the office bearers of the homeowner’s association, then you file a complaint with the homeowner’s association. If no action is taken on your compliant or you are not satisfied with the action taken, you can file a lawsuit against your homeowner’s association. You will need the services of an experienced real estate attorney to help you file the lawsuit against your homeowner’s association.

The functioning and powers of a homeowner’s association are regulated by state law. There are restrictions on the powers of a homeowner’s association. Members of the homeowner’s association can seek the removal of individual offer bearers of the homeowner’s association. In case of any misuse of powers by homeowner’s association, you can bring a lawsuit against your homeowner’s association and in some cases against individual office bearers of the homeowner’s association. Seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

This entry was posted on April 5, 2014.

Why I Think Technology is Controlling Our Lives

Since time immemorial technology has always been man’s helping hand in their everyday lives. From the stone tools used by primitive people to the most sophisticated device we have now, technology all brought them to us to make our lives much easier and so we will be able to do more with the limited daily time we have. It has given so many benefits and that we should really be thankful that it has graced our lives. But our dependency on technology and its results and products have also been growing bigger and bigger with every passing day. Has technology taken over our lives? Has technology been controlling our lives all along?

I think it is. We have grown so much dependence on technology and its products that we have adjusted so much of our daily routines or traditions just so we can accommodate the use of technology. Take for instance, mobile phones and computers, many would rather spend their time in front of their computers working, playing games, or connecting with friends or chat all day long with their people or family members using their cell phones instead of just meeting or visiting them personally.

Many would reason out that these would be the easiest way but is this the quality way? We’d wake up early or sleep late just to tend to the games we play or friends we chat but what about quality bonding time with our family? Games are good once in a while but when was the last time you have played a real game outdoors where your whole body would be exercised and not just your eyes and your fingers? When was the last time you spent time on making crafts and honing your creativity on real hobbies?

I have nothing against technology as it has also helped me in ways more than one but we must remember to keep it balanced and veer away from too much dependency. We need to know that quality is not met by speed or quantity of production. Sometimes doing things in a more traditional way would yield better results and even hone our skills and make us even better. We should not let technology control us instead we should use it wisely.


This entry was posted on April 23, 2014.